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Join us at the City to Bay!


This is our big event for the year that brings all our teams together! And anyone is welcome to join us. We are hoping that the 2022 event will be our biggest yet after being cancelled the last two years.



Step 1 - Register for the City to Bay event and select the 'Fat Farmers' team:   


Step 2 - Book your seat/s to join us at the Watermark Glenelg for lunch and presentations afterwards. We will have access to the dining room from 10am for those who finish earlier than others. All purchases at own cost. 

Step 3 - Start Training! 

The City to Bay website has some excellent resources available, including a 7 week training program. There are options for all levels, to help you prepare for race day.  


Introducing our special guest and new Fat Farmers Ambassador - Luke Barlow! 

Luke is a farmer at Moama, near Echuca in Victoria. He didn't play any sport as a kid because the family farm was a fair way out of town and his parents felt that travel for sport would take too much time away from the farm. But then in 2016, at the age of 42, he started training and ran the Melbourne Marathon (42km) with his wife Kate! This experience inspired him to join the Echuca Triathlon Club and he found the combination of swimming, cycling and running more to his liking. In 2022 he even completed the Ultraman endurance event held over 3 days! Luke has been a big supporter of Fat Farmers for quite some time (hence the singlet!) and he hopes that sharing his story of going from not exercising at all to running a marathon aged 42 will help inspire other blokes to get motivated and up off the couch, even if they are happy to leave "the crazy stuff" to others like him. "If it just gives someone a push to go for a parkrun or go to the gym or join a Fat Farmers group that would be awesome" he says. We are delighted that Luke and Kate will be our special guests at this year’s City to Bay!  

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