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Our groups encourage farmers and those living in rural communities to get active, connect with others and have some fun! We welcome farmers and friends of all ages and fitness levels.
Check the below map for your nearest group.
Or contact us to start a new one!

About our Groups

How a group is structured really depends on what works best for that community, if there is a gym, PT or walking trails available and who comes along!

For example, we have gym groups that are mainly attended by male farmers

(& friends) at Maitland, Freeling, Kimba and Kadina. While other groups are attended by male and females of all ages, meeting for a 'walk and talk' session at Tanunda and Saddleworth. We even have a group of parents and children at Owen that meet for a Tuesday morning session before school.

The City to Bay is our big event for the year that brings all our teams together and of course, anyone is welcome to join us.

Keep an eye out for registration later in the year!


Regular exercise has many benefits for both physical and mental health - it can reduce the risk of chronic diseases, help you to lose weight, reduce stress and even help manage mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Exercise also improves sleep, which helps you function better and feel more motivated. It can even make you smarter as exercise improves clarity of thinking a memory! 

Anyone living in rural Australia is welcome to join us as we know that it can be tough to find the time to make exercise a priority! We are inclusive of all fitness levels, shapes and sizes. Find your local group on the map below or contact us about starting a new one! We are also beginning to offer some other options that can be done from anywhere, so please get in touch to find out more...

Join Us

Check the map below to find your local group! If you are new to exercise, we just ask that you complete this simple 

Pre-Exercise Screening Tool for self -assessment to ensure that you have no significant medical issues.

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions on Stage 1, please discuss with your

doctor what kind of exercise is safe for you before joining one our groups.

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